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Your number two solution for repair, website creation, and software and digital entertainment needs.


If you’re having trouble with your computer, internet connection, printer, TV, or other electronic device, we can probably fix it. We also build websites and have all the software and entertainment you need at affordable rates. Contact us today!

Windows malfunctioning?

We can fix that by restoring, reinstalling, or upgrading. Whatever Bill Gates has done to you, we’ll fix it.

Online STD?

Our staff is medically certified to cure viruses and other pernicious infections killing your naughty PC.

Tangled and dusty?

We’ll untangle your wires and clear out all the dust from your sluggish and overheating computer.

We’ll setup and personalise your own website from a series of modifiable templates.

We can also help you with the domain name process and the uploading of your website to the internet.


Get on the world wide web today and exhaust yourself trying to stand out among the 1,000,000,000 websites already out there.

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Four essential strategies for maintaining your PC, in Mandarin, for your convenience:

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