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333 City PC staff is certified by the Medical Council of Canada for Computers (MCCC) to fix broken parts, improve cognitive capacities, and to cure viruses and other infections.


Damien Lovejoy


Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Outpost 13, Antarctica







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“My computer was not working. Now it is working. Because of 333 City PC I am working. I like that my computer is working more than when it is not working. Thank you for making my computer working good so much.”


“Their prices are so cheap I wonder if it’s illegal. Then again, never mind–I don’t wanna know! Thanks 333 City PC. You’re the best!”


“My friend told me about 333 City PC. At first I was sceptical, that is until they plugged me into the mainframe, showing me I was a mere monetised passenger. So I broke free and danced, danced, danced out of my grave until I saw the truth for the very first time.